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#Blogtober 2019 – Day 3: Organised Chaos

There’s a bit of a running joke at work about me and my planner and my penchant for colour coding (all of the) stuff.

I plan out my day there with a little checklist with neat little squares that I colour in when a task is completed. If a box has an exclamation mark in it, then it’s urgent; if I put an arrow through it then it is to be completed tomorrow (unless the arrow faces to the left, which means it was done the previous day); if it’s got a cross in it, then it’s been cancelled.

I keep track of the emails I’ve sent out that I’m waiting for replies to. I draw out a little chart with columns for the date, who it’s to, what it’s regarding and a check box for the whether I’ve received a reply. At a glance I can see what I’m still waiting for.

I’m a bit of a hot mess without my planner.

What I actually have is the illusion of being organised.

There’s that saying about, I think, swans. How they look graceful on the surface but their legs are going like the clappers underneath the water. That definitely describes me. What I actually cultivate is organised chaos.

I add things to my to do list after I’ve done them, purely so that I can have the satisfaction of checking them off. I break a single task into three or five or ten smaller tasks so that I can check off each one as I go. I put really basic things on there, like have a shower, which I was probably planning on doing at some point anyway but I might need to be reminded about it all the same.

I’m also pretty organised when it comes to the Noodle.

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook page you’ll know that every Sunday night we rearrange Laurie’s toy shelves in the living room. We have a main monthly theme for activities and toys, which then has smaller sub-themes which inspire the toys we get out each week.

Sounds organised, right?

To be honest, it doesn’t take that long to do a full toy rotation. Once you’ve set up the main change at the start of the month, the rest of the time you’re rotating through a small selection of toys tied to that theme. Each week he finds toys or books he wants to bring out to play with, so they get added along the way and often stay out for at least the following week, which reduces my work finding things to get out for him.

I spend down time through the week thinking about upcoming themes and which toys would fit. This week is Orange and Black for Halloween, so I kept a mental list of all his orange toys to organise on the shelf. Come Sunday it was a quick task to gather them up and rearrange them until it ‘worked’.

Laurie reading Charlie Cook

The other reason to switch his toys like this is that it prevents the living room from descending into too much chaos. It’s a lot easier to keep a handful of toys tidy than the whole toy box and half the contents of the Noodle’s bedroom. That’s not to say we don’t still end up with the chaos, but at least it’s mostly well-organised.

And well-organised chaos is the kind I can get behind!

This post is my third in the Blogtober 2019 challenge. You can see a list of my prompts below:

Prompt LIst (1)

If you have children, do you have a system for rotating their toys? How do you stay on top of your to do list? Any hints or tips for staying organised?

5 thoughts on “#Blogtober 2019 – Day 3: Organised Chaos

  1. I think raising kids always calls for an organized chaos of sorts, i am envious of your organization level though. I always say that I am going to rotate out toys, but need to actually put a system in place to do that.

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