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#Blogtober2019 – Day 28: Bump in the Night

From before I even got a positive pregnancy test, my pregnancy with Laurence began with insomnia.

The day I did my first ever pregnancy test I took it at 2:30 in the morning because I’d been awake for hours already and I knew if I peed then I’d never be able to hold it long enough to get a definitive result later in the morning.

That 1am to 3:30am timeframe became really familiar to me over the next nine months. Virtually every night (well, morning) I would find myself wide awake, scrolling through my phone or reading on my Kindle (or throwing up) until I’d eventually flake out a couple of hours before the alarm went off. Of course, I’d inevitably crash around 3pm the next day and would end up sitting at work like a bit of a zombie, but I quite enjoyed those quiet hours that were just me and the baby.

Before he was born, Laurie was nicknamed Bo and as he got bigger and I was more aware of his presence, that time of day was ours. I’d feel him stretching or kicking or squirming into a more comfortable position. I’d rub or stroke him to let him know I was there and he’d kick or poke back. It was like a little game that we would play, just me and the bump.

When he was first born and we had many of those sleepless nights, I kind of forgot about our bump time, but now he’s a more settled sleeper, I miss the time when it was just the two of us, sharing a body. Now if he stirs in the night, he might reach out for his dad instead of me, but back then, when he was Baby Bo and lived in my bump, I was the only one who’d be there with him in the small hours of the night.

Laurie March 2018

And he was the perfect company for those long sleepless nights.

This post is the 28th (so near to the end now) in a series for the Blogtober 2019 blogging challenge. You can see all my prompts below:

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3 thoughts on “#Blogtober2019 – Day 28: Bump in the Night

  1. awww truly the best bump in the night, despite the sickness and lack of sleep. I called one of my bumps Boo, and it stuck, she’s 12 now and does have a ‘real’ name, but we still call her Boo. x


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