About Us

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes infertility and three rounds of IVF…

Wait! What?

Yeah, turns out that despite my desire to have a whole brood full of babies, nature had other plans. Luckily IVF was an option for us and after nearly seven and a half years of thinking it was never going to happen, it happened.

And now we’re trying to make sense of our new roles as parents after infertility defined who we were for so long.

Cast of characters

That would be me. I’m the Noodle’s mum and spend my days coming up with ways to keep him entertained and occupied. I have grand ideas of being one of those perfect mums you always seem to see online, but it turns out that stuff is harder than it looks. I enjoy writing and taking photos so you’ll get to enjoy the fruits (or failures) of my labours here.

When I’m not blogging you can find me studying with the Open University, taking photos, knitting, colouring in, and reading.

The Spousal Unit
My long-suffering husband. He’s the Noodle’s dad and absolutely dotes on his boy. He generally likes to ramble on about radios and brass instruments. The Noodle and I humour him.

The Noodle
I don’t know where Noodle came from. It’s not his actual name, obviously, though I’m sure someone somewhere has considered it. When he was teeny tiny he used to go like a limp noodle when you’d pick him up and it just sort of stuck (as nicknames have a tendency to do).

Why Of Needles and Noodles?

I wanted a name which covered both halves of my life; BI and AI, that’s Before IVF and After IVF, as well as the space in between. Of Needles and Noodles has a beautiful double meaning and is linguistically pleasing to the ear. Perfect!

Needles is for all of the needles injected during the IVF process as well as the knitting needles I like to pick up when I’ve got a moment to myself.

Noodles is for the fact that almost every IVF appointment we went for was accompanied by a trip to a Chinese restaurant or noodle bar; IVF for me is noodle-flavoured. It also refers to the Noodle, the product of the IVF round that finally worked.