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#Blogtober2019 – Day 30: Nearly November

November is almost upon us and Blogtober is drawing to a close.

I’ve really enjoyed blogging every day, but I’m looking forward to dropping back to once a week next month. I’ve also found a whole bunch of new blogs to read and I’m planning on working my way through the Linky List at 3 Little Buttons to catch up with the people who shared their blogs there. I did start out well, reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, but then stuff got busy.

October saw my first TMA (that’s Tutor Marked Assignment, if you don’t speak OU) for the Latin course I’m currently studying. I got my results back on Monday and I scored 94% (I’m still kicking myself at the missed marks on one of the questions because if I’d just read the sentences to translate a little more closely I’d have got them all right).

The end of November brings my next TMA. It’s due right around the time we have family visiting as well, so I’m going to need to have a big push to get it completed and submitted so I can enjoy some family time.

November always used to be my NaNoWriMo time, but since having Laurie, I haven’t taken part. NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month and the aim is to write a complete novel in 30 days. I hope to take it back up again in the future (perhaps when I’m not eyeball deep in Latin cases, prepositions and declensions), but for now I’ll be on the sidelines cheering everyone else on.

What I will be continuing with from the time ‘pre-Laurie’ is our Not-Quite-Christmas Film viewing.

The spousal unit and I have amassed a vast collection of Christmas films over the years (it is our favourite time of year) so we used to watch them throughout December in the run up to Christmas. Then we ended up with so many that there weren’t enough days before Christmas to fit them all in, so we sorted out the ones which were Christmassy but didn’t have Christmas as the main point to them, and we watch those in December.

Laurie’s a lot more aware of what’s going on around him now as well, so I’m looking forward to the slow build up to Christmas with him. November will mean lots of organising of Christmas presents, planning things to do as a family, checking out Christmas events going on around us, sorting out Christmas books (I still need another nine to complete our advent countdown, then they need to be wrapped and labelled).

Laurie with shopping basket 2

At some point in the next month we have important things to work out, like what item of furniture do we remove from the living room to make the Christmas tree fit in? and how likely is the toddler to try unwrapping presents we put beneath the tree before Christmas Day?

But of course, first we have to get Halloween out of the way. I hope my little dinosaur has fun.

And then our countdown to the second Christmas as a family can officially begin!

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#Blogtober2019 – Day 29: Feeling Crafty

I had big knitting plans when we had Laurie’s frozen embryo transfer.

I picked up a copy of What to Knit When You’re Expecting on one of our trips to Glasgow for a hospital appointment to pick up meds or check my lining or something. I envisioned myself knitting up little outfits or accessories through my pregnancy.

On the day I got my positive pregnancy test, I cast on for a cuddly panda for the baby, in light blue and dark blue (because, why not?), but very early on in the pregnancy I discovered that knitting (and pretty much any repetitive activity) made me throw up, so I couldn’t spend my time making a host of fun characters and outfits for my little boy.

In fact, the feeling of nausea during knitting was so strong, that it kind of put me off knitting for ages. I was able to get into it again when Laurie was tiny and could knit while he napped on me but as he got bigger, it got harder to coordinate baby, circular knitting needles, yarn, patterns and a breastfeeding pillow on my lap.

Laurie climbing

Now that Laurie is older, and sleeping a little more regularly, I’m able to knit a little more often. Mostly on an evening when he’s in bed, but occasionally he ‘helps’ or does the string equivalent of TP-ing my living room with yarn.

I’m yet to knit him anything he can actually wear, but that’s okay he’s got a bunch of relatives and friends who keep him well-supplied with knitted and crocheted jumpers. I’m more of a cuddly toy crafting mum (because when you make a mistake, it adds character), but that’s okay, he’s quite the fan of cuddly toys too.

Laurie at Tractor Show 1

But what about that panda I cast on for the day I found out that there was going to be a Laurie eventually?

I’m embarrassed to admit that it’s still in pieces in a bag in my craft cupboard. I think it’s still awaiting a tail or some other important panda body part. I was going to finish it for his first birthday… but I didn’t.

Maybe it’ll be finished in time for his second birthday.


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#Blogtober2019 – Day 27: Getaway

I have mentioned before the fact that this year we’ve not had a holiday.

Last year we went away together for a family wedding. Laurie and I have also gone away together to stay with family, but we’ve not done a break which is just the three of us. Yet.

We’re planning a holiday away next year.

Which means that I’ve got a little over six months to prepare for it. This sounds like a lot of time, but I have a horrible feeling that it’ll end up not being nearly enough time. I mean it’s too early to start packing yet, but there’s still a lot that will need to be done before we go.

Little things, like planning what we’ll take in the car to entertain the Noodle. When we went to Wales last year we broke the trip up with an overnight stay in a hotel halfway down the country (luxury of going away whilst on Maternity Leave, no need to worry about booking holiday days for time off), this time we’ll be doing it in the one because it’s closer, but that also means a day’s travelling to keep a toddler occupied through.

Laurie driving car

There’s figuring out where we’ll stop to take breaks along the way. On the one hand, we’ll be flexible and if someone needs a nappy change then you can bet we’ll be stopping at the next services. But if we’re just wanting a break to stretch our legs, then we’ll want to stop at a place that will be toddler friendly.

Then there’s the stuff to take to keep him happy while we’re away. We’re lucky in that he’s a fairly easy to entertain kid. But we’ll need to bring Peter Rabbit and probably Winnie the Pooh for bedtime. At the moment he’s got a very strong attachment to the panda I knitted him the other week. Should that go on the list? Or will he have moved on by the time we’re away? Will I think he’s moved on and then have to frantically knit a new panda when we arrive and he reveals that he’s not moved on at all?!

And there’s also sleeping arrangements to work out.

Laurie at Baby Sensory

It’s a caravan holiday which means that there’s not a lot of space in the bed. And we bedshare. I’m optimistically planning to take the bedguard from the side of our bed, but I suspect we won’t know who’ll sleep where until we actually arrive. Will Laurie be happy in his own mini caravan bed? Will he want to be with us when he’s in a strange new place? Shall I just boot the spousal unit into one of the twin beds and claim the double for the Noodle and I?

That’s one I’m not planning on even thinking about until we arrive and I suspect we’ll handle it the way we handle most other parenting dilemmas; what’s the easiest and most natural thing to do in this moment? It’s an approach that’s rarely failed us before!

The final thing I’m thinking of is what to do while we’re away? We want to find places that Laurie will enjoy visiting, we want to get a chance to rest and relax ourselves, and perhaps most exciting of all, we want to meet up with some of the people from the online baby group that I’m in, so we have to factor that in too.

Laurie enjoying swing

I don’t remember spending this much time thinking about the preparations for the last solo trip I took with the spousal unit. I was pregnant at that time and my biggest worry was having enough bags for throwing up into, and a big enough stash of Dandelion & Burdock drink and aniseed balls to suck! I knew that pretty much all I wanted to do when I arrived was sleep and avoid moving around too much, so this trip away with Laurence and his dad is an entirely different kettle of fish.

You can bet I’ll share all about it here when we return, but in the meantime, any hints and tips about travelling with a toddler will be greatly appreciated.

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#Blogtober2019 – Day 26: True Love

The early part of my pregnancy with Laurence was not easy.

Morning sickness kicked in around 6 weeks pregnant and by the time I was 8 weeks pregnant I was on antiemetic medication which didn’t really help so at 9 weeks I was admitted to hospital with dehydration.

Over the next three weeks I became convinced I was dying. EVERYTHING made me throw up. Any kind of sensory stimulation and I would hurl. It would take me a whole day to drink a 330ml can of flat Fanta.

I had dreamed of being pregnant so long and yet by the time I was 12 weeks pregnant I had stopped virtually stopped eating because anything I swallowed only came back up again. I went to my 12 week scan telling myself that at least if there was something wrong with the baby, I wouldn’t have to feel so sick all the time because it would all be over.

Instead, there on the screen was a perfectly healthy little baby. He stretched out his legs, flailed his arms around, and then turned his back on the scanner. Looking back now, the way he ‘rolled over’ was so quintessentially Laurie. I watch him roll over in exactly the same way every night. I think that was truly the moment when I fell in love with him.

That’s not to say I wasn’t in love with him before.

I fell in love with that little bundle of cells I saw on the TV screen before my transfer. I fell in love with the idea of the baby I conjured up when I first got that second line nine days later. I fell head over heels in love when I saw that little heartbeat flickering away at six weeks pregnant, and actually got to hear its steady little thump two weeks later.

But at the same time, for those early weeks, it felt an awful lot like the pair of us were doing battle for control of my body. So many people were focused on what was right for the baby and I didn’t have the energy or the words to articulate the fact that I was in that body too, and while the baby was clearly healthy, I was dying in there.

Seeing him on the screen that day, looking far more human than he ever had looked before, made him real.

So I fought the hyperemesis gravidarium. I educated myself on it. I worked out what my triggers were; I hid in the bedroom whenever the spousal unit wanted to cook chicken, I wore sunglasses all the time to avoid bright lights, I had the brightness on my phone and computer monitors at work turned down as low as they’d go whilst still remaining visible. And I took the medication that helped me gain control over the vomiting.

It was over a month later when I definitely felt him move, though I had actually been feeling him for a couple of weeks before that; it just took a definite movement to realise it. And at that point it hit me that it wasn’t him versus me for control of my body; it was him and I against my body. He was right there alongside me and it was my body that was being the bitch.

That marked a turning point for me and I think that’s when I really bonded with my unborn baby.

Newborn Laurie

I worried for a long time during my pregnancy that we wouldn’t like one another when he arrived. I was scared that the sickness would affect the way I felt towards him. And after the trauma of his birth and our horrible stay in hospital, I suspect that it could have gone either way.

But once he was actually here, there was no question in my mind, he was mine and I was his and there doesn’t seem to be a word that describes just how strong that feeling of love was. And still is today. Seriously, just saying his name or looking at his little face makes my heart swell.

I love my little guy.

And yes, it’s cliché, but I’d do it all again because I’d know I could survive it. And I know exactly what the prize at the end is now.

This blog post is part of a series for the Blogtober 2019 blogging challenge. You can see my list of prompts below:

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How have your feelings towards the ones you love changed over time?

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#Blogtober2019 – Day 25: Counting Down

As of today we are just two months from Christmas. It suddenly seems so much closer than it did just a few days ago.

Christmas is my absolutely favourite time of the year. I love the whole build up to it, starting in about August with the kids going back to school, the leaves changing colour, the weather getting that little bit nippier. Then you hit October and there’s the rush of Halloween, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, and suddenly it’s time to crack out the decorations.

And I waited years for my own little family to share it with. The spousal unit and I started some traditions together. Our wedding anniversary is Christmas Eve, so we exchange a tree ornament as an anniversary gift; almost every decoration on our tree has a meaning behind it.

We also have roughly fifty Christmas films. So many that we have divided them into two batches; Christmas Films and Not-Quite-Christmas Films, and begin watching the Not-Quite-Christmas-Films in November!

Last year I came up with twenty four activities to do in the run up to Christmas (actually, I think it was more like thirty because I was allowing for some last minute substitutions) and put each one into a little Christmas stocking. We did a different festive activity each day in the run up to Christmas.

I planned to do that again this year, but the truth is, it took a bit of organising and there had to be some last minute substitutions because the original thing I’d planned to do ended up not being suitable. This year I decided I wanted to do a countdown that was a little more low effort.

That plan quite clearly backfired when I decided the simpler option was a book advent calendar.

Laurie at the library

Now I know you can buy these premade, but I decided to go about making my own one. The plan is to gather together twenty-four different Christmas books, wrap them or arrange them in a neat way, and select a different one to read each day from the 1st onwards.

We already had a few books in the collection and I’ve been keeping an eye out for more around the charity shops. In the last couple of weeks I’ve scored both That’s Not My Donkey and That’s Not My Reindeer. I recently took advantage of and offer in a shop and picked up another six brand new books for £10, plus another three secondhand ones. We’re now up to fifteen. I was only counting fourteen until I started writing this post and realised there was another one I’d overlooked!

By using books we already own, or which I can get secondhand or very cheap, it’s not going to cost too much to do. And I never begrudge spending money on books!

Laurie reading

I really can’t wait to for the countdown to Christmas this year. Laurie loves his books so much that when he realises we’re opening another one each day, he’ll be thrilled. And I don’t need much excuse to buy more books either, I’m looking forward to seeing what he thinks of what we’ve chosen.

This blog post is written as part of the 2019 Blogtober challenge. You can see my list of prompts below:

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Are you counting down to something important? How do you keep track of how close you’re getting to a special day?

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#Blogtober2019 – Day 22: Day tripping

This year we didn’t get to have a family holiday away together.

Laurence and I took a trip to Wales to visit family back in May. We have had a trip away for a family wedding when Laurie was four months old last year, but we’ve not had a proper holiday holiday together yet, though we’ve got one scheduled for next year now.

Instead of one big holiday, we’ve had lots of little day trips away. The plan was originally to do this through the summer instead of a summer holiday but it’s been such a good thing for our little family that we’ve kept going as we head through autumn and into winter.

I’ve got every Friday off, so we try to take a trip to the mainland every other week (with alternate weeks spent at home). I foresee that in the winter weather, when the boats are disrupted, we’ll have rather more days when we stay at home.

Laurence loves his trips out and they usually tire him out for the weekend; this weekend was no exception. We took another trip to Funworld in Greenock and I realised far too late that it was the last day of the half term break from school.

Laurie driving car

We were the very first ones in and for a little while I congratulated myself for making the decision not to change our plans. It was so quiet that Laurie had completely free roam of the place and didn’t have to worry about bumping into anyone or waiting for a turn on a toy.

That lasted for all of about twenty minutes and then the place just seemed to explode with sound and there were children everywhere!

Laurie in ride

We survived a whole hour and fifty minutes of our two hour slot before the spousal unit and I decided we couldn’t take it any more and packed up to go find some lunch (and a little bit of quiet). I wouldn’t say it put me off completely, but I’ll definitely be more mindful of local schools’ term times for our future day trips!

Laurie heading into Wean's World

This post is part of a series for the Blogtober 2019 challenge. You can see my prompts below:

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Where are your favourite places to go for day trips? Any hints or tips you’ve acquired along the way?

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#Blogtober2019 – Day 21: I have to watch…

We don’t have proper TV in our house. We don’t stream TV and we don’t have any kind of box hooked up to the telly. When we moved in we didn’t have the money to get it set up and the longer we went without it, the less we felt that we needed it.

What we do have is a vast collection of films and TV series along with the requisite viewing device to watch them on.

While I was on maternity leave with the Noodle I watched ER in its entirety, beginning when he was just two weeks old and continuing until a couple of weeks before I started back at work. Laurie reached a point where he was so familiar with the music that when it came on, he’d turn to the TV and stare at it!

A little while ago, feeling nostalgic for the days of Saturday morning cartoons, the spousal unit and I decided to start a little tradition. Each Saturday morning we’d pop on a cartoon to watch.

Initially this was the classic Stoppit and Tidyup though as that’s only thirteen episodes and each one runs at about five or six minutes, we powered through that. We followed it up with Paddington and paired the latter up with Batman.

Laurence does this amazing little dance to the opening theme music of these TV shows. Almost without fail, the music starts and he bobs up and down, usually with the massive grin on his face when he catches you watching him.

The downside to watching these programmes is that he insists on us watching them on a Saturday morning. Or any morning that he thinks might be a Saturday. They’re kept behind the TV out of reach, but he knows where they are and will grope for them and point and complain when we don’t get them out. He’s very persistent.

You also have to be careful what you say around him now. If you utter a word that sounds little too close to Batman or The Clangers, he’ll be there, trying to get the DVD case out and put the TV on.

We honestly don’t watch that much TV around him, but there are days when I think he’s utterly obsessed with it.

Laurie in ride

Take yesterday, for example. We’d picked up some Mr Men DVDs in town at the weekend, and they’d been placed on the bookcase at Laurie-height. He spotted them and before I knew what he was doing, he was getting the extension out to plug the TV (we don’t have it plugged in unless we’re about to watch it).

In the end, I let him pop a disc in and we enjoyed a peaceful few minutes as he sat on the rug, wearing nothing but a cloth nappy and his wellies, deeply engrossed in the adventures of Mr Tickle.

Perhaps there’s things I’d rather be watching than a bunch of brightly coloured characters getting up to antics on my screen. But his reactions to them are so cute, that I’m willing to forego the odd medical drama or two when it’s time for some TV time. It’s all time I’m getting to spend with my boy and I wouldn’t trade it for the world (and as an added bonus, sometimes it distracts him long enough to let me get some OU done)!

This post is part of a series for Blogtober 2019. See all my prompts below:

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What are some of the programmes you have to watch? Are any of them chosen for you by someone else?

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#Blogtober2019 – Day 20: Family is…

It’s hard to explain the feeling of missing a family member who’s never been there to someone who has never experienced it.

Family Photo

Most people know what it’s like to miss a loved one who is no longer with us; whether they’ve just gone away for a while, or they are a permanent loss. It’s that feeling of finding something you’re dying to tell them, only to be hit with the realisation that they are no longer around to tell. And in that moment you would give anything to get them back to share your news with them.

The longing for a child who is yet to exist is like that, but different.

It’s the feeling waking up to empty arms after the most vivid dream where you held your baby. You’re so acutely conscious of the weight that was in your arms just moments before that for a moment you panic when they’re not there. Then the sadness sets in as you remember that they were never there.

It’s the sense of longing as your colleagues share what their kids got up to at the weekend. You so desperately want to join in on the conversation, but you have nothing to contribute and as you listen to what they say, your mind drifts to imagining what your weekend would’ve looked like with a child in your home.

It’s the pain of waking up to cramps on a lazy Sunday morning and knowing that it’s not even worth unboxing the pregnancy test in the cupboard because you’ve already got the answer to the test. You know that instead of getting to do the cute pregnancy reveal to your partner that you’ve always planned, you’ll be eating your body weight in chocolate and hugging a hot water bottle to survive work the following day.

It’s avoiding every Baby Event in the supermarkets and Back to School offer in September. It’s the sadness of another Christmas without an extra family member to buy presents for and one less person to help put up the tree. It’s blowing out the candles on a birthday cake and making the same wish for the fourth year in a row, all the while hearing your biological clock ticking in every cell in your body.

Waiting for your child to arrive and knowing that it’s just Not. That. Simple. takes over your whole life. It becomes a part of who you are, even if it’s a part of you that is carefully concealed from the rest of the world. Every day there is some new reminder of this thing that other people have and that you do not; sometimes they even take you by surprise and you find yourself feeling completely overwhelmed in the strangest of places, like the library, or watching a band play.

But a family is something you can build as well.

Your family is all the people who support your through those darkest days. The friends who buy you cake when your IVF round fails. The internet strangers who read your blog and send you books that speak to your soul. The actual family members who can’t be there in person, but always let you know you’re in their thoughts.

Sometimes, when you’re trying so hard to make a family, you can overlook the family who is all around you at that very moment.

I don’t really feel like my family is complete yet. I still have that sense that there’s someone missing from our lives, but I’m optimistic that we’ll find them some day. And I’m so grateful to everyone who supported and helped us along the way to bring Laurie into the world, I hope they’ll be there when we need them in the future and that we can repay the favour when they need us.

This post is the twentieth in a series for Blogtober 2019. You can see my prompts below:

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Have you experienced that longing for another member of your family? When you had children, did have a moment when you knew your family was complete?

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#Blogtober2019 – Day 19: The Best Day

The truth is, we have so many wonderful days together, both days out and days in, that it’s hard to say which is exactly the very best day of them all.

Perhaps our very best day would look something like this:

We’d wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. There would be no disruption on the boats and we’d sit together excitedly planning our trip ahead. Laurie would probably have us playing musical chairs and would get to charm some ladies seated near us.

Our trip out would be to somewhere not too far away, but perhaps just enough of a distance to give Laurie a nap on the way. That way he’d be all full of energy and ready to go when we arrived.

Wherever we are going on our imaginary best day, we’d have a snack when we arrived; either something we’d brought ourselves, or something they could provide. This would allow us all to feel refuelled and we’d then head out to see the place we’d be spending the day.

Laurie eating ice cream

The place we would go to would have lots of things for Laurie to see and get involved with, like at the Science Centre. We would have things to look at and do as well, but it would be at a happy medium level where Laurie could get some benefit from the day as well. If there are staff standing by, they would be able to engage Laurie and draw him in to take part in activities or have a go at taking part. He loves being able to touch things or move things, especially if there are older children who are getting to be involved; he doesn’t seem to realise how much younger he is!

Laurie is massively into animals right now, so there would almost definitely be animals at this place we are visiting. Once again, he’d want to be able to get up close to them, talk to them and maybe even stroke one or two. If those animals were dogs, Laurence would be in his element. If there was an opportunity to give a rat a cuddle, I’d be in my element too.

Laurie mans the helm

Come lunch time and we would find a nice place to eat at our attraction. The food would be tasty and filling with plenty of choice on the menu (particularly the one aimed at smaller visitors). There would be lots of different seating options as well, perhaps highchairs for the teeny tinies and booster seats for the older ones who are getting far too long in the leg to fit many highchairs you get in restaurants. If there was an all-you-can-eat buffet option, we’d definitely go all in for that.

Laurie eating chicken ball

We would maybe spent the afternoon indulging in one of Laurie’s interests; perhaps looking at different vehicles, meeting some dogs, or getting to look at a massive pile of books. I’d definitely be in favour of those last two. It would’ve been a busy day by this point so a refuelling stop for some cake or biscuits wouldn’t go amiss either.

By this point we would need to be thinking about heading back, but perhaps we’d get to have a spot of charity shopping, or mooching round a secondhand bookshop on the way back. If we could all come away with a little treat, it would round the day off nicely.

Getting back to the ferry just as a boat is pulling in, rather than away, would allow us to finish the day without a long wait for the boat, and a smooth crossing would be an added bonus.

And then we’d be back home in time to pick up Tara from the kennels and grab a bite to eat, before snuggling up in bed with a movie (that we’d probably all fall asleep in front of).

Laurie burying daddy

The funny thing is, this day describes many of our trips off the island. It could be our recent trip to Funworld or to Ayr earlier in the year. It’s virtually a complete description of our trip to Heads of Ayr Farm Park last month (a trip that I’m yet to blog about). We’ve fallen into a good routine for our days out and it turns out that it’s making for some pretty good days out; no wonder it’s so hard to pick which of them is the best one!

This blog post is part of a series for Blogtober 2019. You can see my full list of prompts below:

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What would your best day out look like? Have you been lucky enough to experience it or is it still a pipe dream?

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#Blogtober2019 – Day 13: All dressed up

Anyone who has met me is probably aware that fashion is not one of my strong points.

Given half the chance, I live in jeans and a top. If it’s cold, I’ll throw a hoodie over the top; if it’s warm, the top will be short-sleeved. Actually, given half the chance, I’ll be wearing my jammies, but if I have to put actual clothes on, then they’ll be my default ‘uniform’.

And yet, there’s something about having a small person of my very own to dress up, that make me more than just interested in clothes for practical purposes. Suddenly I find myself considering how well things go together.

I’ve become the mother who matches my son’s socks to his top.

I don’t even know how it happened.

Well, maybe I do.

Before Laurie was born, we ordered some bundles of clothes off of eBay. We were also lucky enough to be given a couple of bags of hand-me-downs from friends. There were some outfit sets amongst these clothes, but there were lots of individual items which I had to piece together into outfits for him.

I remember being immensely proud of the day when amongst his clothes I discovered a dark blue long-sleeved top with a dog pattern on it. He’d also got a pair of dungarees with a dog on them. And although the two different dogs didn’t match, they were similar enough that an outfit was born.


He must’ve worn that outfit at least once a week until the dungarees wouldn’t stay done up and the top’s sleeves were halfway up his arms! I was so proud of it.

The photo doesn’t really do it justice. The little square on the dungarees has a dog on it and you can just about make out the not-quite-the-same-but-quite-similar dogs on the top. I even matched the dribble bib!

There’s something kind of fun in putting together little combinations of top, bottoms, jumper and anything else, and figuring out a way to tie them all together. Generally I either pick out one colour and try to find another item of clothing with the same/complementary colour, or I find a motif which is repeated in another item of clothing.

I’m sure that I do miss the mark occasionally, but as far as children go, Laurie’s an easy little boy to dress. I can pretty much guarantee that trousers and a nice jumper will make him look fairly smart (so long as we keep him away from anything sticky).

And I do fall back on the shop bought outfits when I’m feeling lazy. One that crops up in a few photos at the moment is his ‘moosebum’ outfit. This was in a bundle that one of his little friends had outgrown and passed on to us. I just love the moose on the bum! The fact that the Noodle’s Naini knitted him a hoodie that matches it perfectly is just an added bonus.

Laurie heading into Wean's World

Laurie’s already getting more insistent about picking his own clothes, so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I have to hand over the reins to him for selecting his outfits. He’s already got pretty good taste when it comes to clothes and footwear though, so he’ll probably do a way better job than me at it!

This blog post is part of a series for the Blogtober 2019 challenge. You can see my prompt list below:

Prompt LIst (1)

Are you able to coordinate the perfect outfit? Or do just just grab whatever’s clean and hope for the best?